COVID-19 Review

As one of its critical initial tasks, the PRI will conduct a multicomponent, mixed-methods review of the health emergency response to COVID-19 across society sectors in NYC. The review will:

  • Address the core functions of society to derive lessons for all sectors (e.g., community, industry, commerce, education), not simply the government response.
  • Incorporate the lived experience of NYC communities to identify strategies for equitable health outcomes across segments of society.
  • Utilize iterative, online decision-making process among diverse stakeholders to identify and validate evidence-based findings.
  • Produce a framework for NYC preparedness and response that promotes an equitable, whole-of-society approach to future public health emergencies.

The review is defined by three overarching objectives:

To describe the COVID-19 response implemented throughout NYC sectors and its observed health and other (e.g., social, economic) consequences on residents overall and within communities.

To understand the potential drivers and remedies to the health disparities observed during the multisectoral COVID-19 response in NYC, when considered through an equity-based perspective.

To identify lessons learned and recommendations for ongoing and future equity-driven, multisectoral preparedness, response, and recovery for major health threats in NYC.