Results of the PRI Priority Themes Survey

Nov 9, 2022 | News

During the PRI launch event, we convened a roundtable of partners from across the city and sectors of society to identify key themes of focus for PRI. As a follow-up, we created a survey, shared widely, in order to help prioritize the identified themes. These were:

  • Address Institutionalized Racism
  • Build on Lessons Learned
  • Invest in Local Solutions
  • Focus on Cross-sector Communications
  • Build/Improve Access to Key Resources
  • Improve Access to Data and Information

Survey takers ranked the themes from highest to lowest priority and then selected up to 3 themes they would like to work with PRI to address. It should be noted that the themes were not defined in the survey and may have been interpreted differently by respondents.

Thank you to the roundtable and survey participants for taking time to help PRI develop and prioritize themes of focus. Not surprisingly, different sectors have different priorities. PRI will use the knowledge gained in the survey to inform its strategies and work. We look forward to partnering with participants on the issues they identified as most important.

Survey Respondents by Sector

The surveys were completed between May and August 2022 by 55 respondents in government, corporate, social services, and health sectors.

Top Interests

People are most interested in working with PRI to build access to key resources, focus on cross-sector communications, and invest in local solutions.

Key Findings By Sector

The top two themes prioritized by each sector are listed below:

Social Services

  1. Build on Lessons Learned
  2. Invest in Local Solutions


  1. Invest in Local Solutions
  2. Focus on Cross-sector Communications


  1. Build/Improve Access to Key Resources
  2. Focus on Cross-sector Communications


  1. Build/Improve Access to Key Resources
  2. Improve Access to Data and Information

Key Findings by Theme

Each theme was prioritized differently across sectors. The bar graphs show how each sector prioritized the given theme, relative to the other sectors. For example, while “Addressing Institutional Racism” was not a top two priority for the Social Service and Government sectors, they rated this theme as a higher priority than the Corporate or Health sectors did.