Seeking Your Submissions for a Special PRI Curated Journal on Health Communications Issue: Climate Communication Challenges

Oct 20, 2023 | News

The relevance of climate change on human health is largely underappreciated across many groups. Communicating the health consequences of climate change can help individuals and communities better prepare, cope and adapt to climate-driven health threats. The multifaceted spatiotemporal scale of climate-driven events, resultant health outcomes and their interplay with societal dynamics and political views pose a significant constraint to communication practices aiming to improve and enhance awareness, prevention, preparedness, coping and adaptation. Misinformation and denial on climate change causality also hinders effective communication about its health impacts.

We are seeking original research manuscripts and a limited number of commentaries addressing communication of:

  1. The multiscale spatial scale and time lag of climate-driven hazards and health effects;
  2. The relevance of climate change to human health across diverse sectors and communities and in changing technology landscapes; and
  3. Co-benefit of health policies, practices, products, and services to climate change and vice versa.

They may include (but not limited to) interdisciplinary research on communication strategies, media, message understanding and policy, community engagement to bring together climate science, public health, communication, and other disciplines.

The special issue will be curated by lias Kavouras, PhD (PRI Workforce Co-Lead), Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA (PRI CTO for CUNY SPH & Communications Co-Lead), and Brian Pavilonis, PhD, CIH (PRI Workforce Faculty Member).

Learn more and submit your manuscript at the Journal of Health Communications.