Summary Report: Enhancing Data Sharing Partnerships for Public Health Emergencies and Response

Mar 20, 2024 | News

On February 7, 2024, the NYC Pandemic Response Institute invited a group of multisectoral stakeholders to the first of a series of Data Expos, to reflect on past data sharing practices and guide future partnerships before, during, and after public health emergencies. The session included a moderated panel discussion and a small group exercise where participants discussed illustrative disaster/emergency scenarios and were asked to consider the partnerships, data sources, data sharing infrastructure, and collaborations necessary to understand and respond to the emergency during initial response, expansion, and recovery phases. By convening this group in person, the first Data Expo bolstered professional networks that can be activated in response to a crisis. 

A summary report has been developed to provide brief overview of the discussions at the event regarding the complexities of data sharing practices prior to, during, and after emergencies and how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data sharing and cross-sector collaboration. This output will be used to inform the agendas for the next, larger Data Expos which will include broader civil society and healthcare partners and, thereafter, to inform PRI’s program design in these areas.

Based on the event’s discussions, the summary report encompasses:

  • Challenges
    • Burdens of data sharing
    • Data literacy and communication
    • Transparent communication
    • Interoperability hurdles
  • Proposed Recommendations
    • Coordinate data collection efforts and ensure the use of varied data types/sources
    • Build data literacy and data analysis capacity
    • Enhance partnerships and collaborations across stakeholders, organizations, and sectors
    • Improve public communication, transparency, and reporting around data
    • Develop a plan to implement a collaborative data sharing infrastructure

The report also provides a number of key partnerships for data sharing during emergencies and next steps which includes the design and planning of subsequent convenings that will form the basis for setting up a community of practice.

Read the full summary report for more information and if you are interested in joining a future Data Expo, email Jasmine Jones.