PRI Curates a Special Journal on Health Communications Issue and Seeks Your Submissions

Jul 25, 2022 | News

Announcing “Leaving No One Behind: Opportunities for improving future pandemic-related communication.” A special issue of the Journal of Health Communication that will be curated by the PRI Communication Team, and led by Christopher Palmedo, PhD, MBA.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed many shortcomings in the delivery of accurate and trusted health communication. Evidence-based recommendations from previous pandemics were ignored. Disinformation campaigns eroded confidence in trusted institutions. Inadequate coordination between jurisdictions increased public confusion. A lack of commitment to understanding diverse communities further worsened racial and economic disparities. Opportunities to build trust with disenfranchised communities were lost.

But the crisis also helped strengthen community outreach systems. Telemedicine began to fulfill its potential. Online public health education reached more people than ever. Communities banded together to distribute emergency food assistance in innovative ways. The problems of misinformation became a higher priority for researchers and practitioners.

With this special issue, the communications team is seeking original research and commentaries that inform how we as society can improve local and global pandemic-related communication in the future. Insights and data on New York City are particularly welcome. This is the first dedicated issue of an academic journal to identify actionable strategies to improve future pandemic communications. It is produced in collaboration with the NYC Pandemic Response Institute (PRI) Communications Team.

Learn more at the Journal of Health Communications.